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Rennerwood A Tree Farm has 30 years of experience in growing in Rootmaker containers. Primary customers are other growers and re-wholesalers that grow material for the landscape trade. Over the last decade we have wittnessed the tree industry evolve from being an imperative piece of the landscape to a critical component of the planet’s health. We remain excited in the future of our industry and the path we are taking to ensure current and new growers have the tools needed to be successful.

A Note from the Owners:

If you are a new customer, we invite you to "Experience the Possibilities" with Rennerwood. Our appreciation goes out to those loyal customers, with whom we have partnered overed the years, to produce the highest quality trees. We wish to personally thank our dedicated staff and their crews, along with Dr. Carl Whitcomb ( for producing the best tree liners available.

Your partners in success,

The Thompson Family